7. Miscellanea

7.1. System variables

  • os.getcwd() - The current working directory
  • os.chdir(newpath) - Changes current working directory to newpath
  • sys.argv - Program name, and command-line arguments
  • sys.path - Python path (list of folders that Python looks in for functions and modules)
  • sys.version - Version of Python running

7.2. Program arguments

One of the more important variables in the sys module is sys.argv, which is a list containing all the arguments passed to the program at run time. This is sort of the standard way of interacting with command-line programs in Unix: you type the name of the program, followed by any parameters, at the command prompt:
  • [example unix prompt]# python pythontest.py Arg1 Arg2
After importing the sys module, you may access the list sys.argv, which is a list of strings, the first of which is the name of the program running, and the rest of which are the command-line arguments:
  • print(sys.argv) # "[pythontest.py Arg1 Arg2]"
For complex argument processing, you should probably use the *Getopt* or *argparse* modules.

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