Basic Instructions for Getting Set up with Enthought Python Distribution on Windows and Mac OS

Go to and download the Enthought Python Distribution Academic 32-bit version corresponding to the operating system you use. You will need to enter your first and last name, academic institution, and academic institution email address. Once downloaded, run the installation and follow the simple instructions given.

The current version of EPD runs Python 2.7, whereas the current version of the UTPPD runs Python 2.6.

Once you have installed EPD, you may wish to test it with the examples given in the installed Enthought folder. You can also test the examples given in the rest of this compwiki, except those that use VPython, since EPD does not support VPython.


Please note that on Windows operating systems, Python is installed into a corresponding folder on the C: drive titled "Python26" or "Python27" depending on which version of Python is installed. Currently, UTPPD will install Python into "Python26" and EPD will install Python into "Python27", thus avoiding any compatibility or overwrite issues. In future distributions, if the version of Python used in UTPPD and EPD is the same, this may lead to conflicts if installed into the same folder. Options to avoid any errors include uninstalling any other version of Python you have installed prior to installation of EPD or installing EPD's Python distribution into a differently named folder. This problem does not occur on Mac OS.

Note for Linux users:

There is a known conflict with EPD and Gnome + Ubuntu which may lead to system failure. As of June 2011 this conflict has not yet been resolved.

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