Extra Packages for PHY407

The PHY407 labs require a couple of extra packages not included in the base distribution of UTPPD 2016. These packages are:
  • Basemap: a module for drawing maps in several projections,
  • netCDF4: a module for reading and writing structured data, used in a number of Scientific Data packages

The Anaconda distribution that UTPPD builds upon provides a simple command-line tool for searching and installing for additional software packages. That tool is called conda and is invoked as:
conda install {package-name}

In this case, we want to run:
conda install netcdf4
conda install basemap

Details for Windows

On Windows, the Anaconda distribution supplies an application called Anaconda Prompt that you can find under the Anaconda2 (64-bit) submenu of the application menu. (The application menu hangs off what was formerly known as the Start button/menu on Windows 7. The same functionality is provided by the Windows icon in the lower left position of the screen.)
Start the Anaconda Prompt to get a command-line interface on your screen that knows the path to your Python distribution. At the command prompt, you can type:
conda install netcdf4
conda install basemap
as noted earlier.

Details for MacOS

Under MacOS/OSX, there is no specific Anaconda Prompt supplied; so you will need to perform some setup to . If you have downloaded the optional utppd.sh script, you can simply open the standard Terminal program from /Applications/Utilities, add the contents of utppd.sh to end of your .bashrc file in your home directory. To ensure that you are picking up the new configuration, close any open terminals and open a new one. In any terminal where you want to run the UTPPD python, you simply run:
After that, you can simply run python.

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