Computers in Physics at the University of Toronto

Welcome to the University of Toronto Physics "compwiki" website! We have created this website to help you get started on using computers to help you learn physics and solve problems in physics. This website is primarily intended for lower-year students enrolled in physics major and specialist courses at the University of Toronto, but anyone should feel free to browse and learn from this material.

Getting Started

  1. Foreword by Prof. Charles Dyer
  2. Introduction and Site Overview
  3. Installing the Python Packages
  4. Tutorial, Part 1: First Steps with IDLE and Python
  5. Tutorial, Part 2: Functions and modules, focus on numpy
  6. Tutorial, Part 3: Logicals, if blocks, and while loops
  7. Tutorial, Part 4: Lists, numpy arrays, and for loops

First Year Physics Courses

  1. Learning Physics with Vpython (PHY151, PHY132)
  2. More Physics with Vpython (PHY152)

Second Year Physics Courses

  1. Learning physics with pylab. (PHY224/254)
  2. Data analysis with pylab and scipy. (PHY224)

References and Follow-up Instruction

  1. Reference: Python for First and Second Year Physics

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