Basic Instructions for Getting Set up with EPD Python and Wing IDE on Boreas

Updated on June 11, 2012. Previous installation instructions were specific to an outdated distribution of EPD Python and to installation on boreas. I have made the following instructions more general.

The following instructions helped me set up EPD Python and Wing IDE in my home directory on an rh linux machine. I installed them on, which is a 32-bit machine. If you don't want to install the files in your home directory, just do instructions 0., 4.-7.

1. Log in to your machine, e.g.

ssh my_login@my_machine

Determine if your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit.

E.g. type "uname -m" and see if the output is something like x86_64, or i686. The former indicates 64 bit, the latter 32 bit.

2. Apply for an academic license at > products > Enthough Python Distribution > Academic. Then enter your email. When you receive the email, follow the link, and this will take you to a special directory.

Identify the distribution you want, the file will end with ".sh".

3. In the install directory type the following:

curl -o http://link_from_email/

Scroll to bottom of license agreement, type "yes" and enter, and accept default directory "epd-your_choice_of_version" for install. The install takes a while.

4. Because EPD upgrades its python distributions frequently, it is useful to have a generic directory link. I set up a symbolic link with the following:

ln -s ~/epd ~/" in the shell.

3. To install Wing, type

curl -o wingide-101-4.0.2-1-i386-linux.tar.gz
tar xzvf wingide-101-4.0.2-1-i386-linux.tar.gz
cd wingide-101-4.0.2-1-i386-linux

You need to select install directories. I chose
for both. [This is not consistent with my convention for epd, but that's what I did for now.]

4. Now you need to have this new software in your path so the commands are easy to run. I recommend the following: in ~/.bashrc add the following lines:

export PATH=/home/pjk/wingide:/home/pjk/epd/bin:$PATH

If you have another default shell, you will need to modify your path consistently with its syntax.

I also recommend creating a place where you can place python modules that will be accessible by your python environment. For example I use

mkdir -p /home/pjk/bin/python

and then add to .bashrc
export PYTHONPATH=/home/pjk/bin/python:$PYTHONPATH

5. Now, to test things open a NEW shell and run Wing IDE:


6. In Wing IDE, open a new file and type
from matplotlib.pyplot import plot

and run this. You should get a basic plot.

7. Then you can play around. There are a lot of good examples in
E.g. you can run
to show you how to use basemap contour plotting.

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